​Creating a Sustainable Art Career

Individual Session

by Anna Ogier-Bloomer

Anna Ogier-Bloomer believes every artist must determine what “success” means to them. Most artists will not make a full income from the sales of their artwork, so it is critical that you establish multiple income streams to supplement. This is not a failure an artist. In fact, it is these multiple contexts that often lead to additional opportunities and connections for artists. Ultimately, we want to figure out how to keep making the work we’re driven to make. In this session, together you will discuss your studio practice, your source(s) of income, and strategize ways to allow you to spend more time making and sharing your artwork. You will leave feeling empowered to put together a sustainable creative practice that fulfills your artistic and professional goals.


In preparation for an Expert session with Anna Ogier-Bloomer, please email her a bulleted list of any questions you have and anything else she should know in advance of your meeting. She also would like to see your work before we speak, so please also email her a link to your website, online portfolio, social media handle, or, if you don’t yet have any work posted online, then a link to a Google Drive folder of images or files she can access. Seeing the work is an important part of your conversation.

For sessions about any of the following: applying to opportunities, building an audience, or conducting studio visits, please also send her any organizations, venues, or individuals you’re interested in connecting with. If you wish to have a session focused on one single application, please let me know what the opportunity and the organization are in advance of your meeting.

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