Creating a Stellar Artist Portfolio or Website

For Art Submissions and Gallery Representation

by Aimee Rubensteen

Aimee Rubensteen will guide you through the process of selecting, editing, titling your art. After reviewing your work, she'll provide constructive criticism. With firsthand knowledge, she will discuss the gallery's selection and curatorial process in order to help you get your work noticed.

How to Book This Prerequisite One-on-One Session

Click "Enroll Now" to book this session and pay through our secure system. Your expert will be notified that you've paid for this session and will email you to book an agreed upon date and time of your appointment. You'll receive a confirmation email and reminder with a link to your live session.

In order to be most productive with your session, we require that you create a portfolio on Artrepreneur to the best of your ability.A portfolio is limited to 15 images, so make sure there are additional or alternative images in the artwork area so your instructor can help you select which ones will be most cohesive and appropriate given your goals. Designed specifically for creatives, adding artwork and creating a portfolio on Artrepreneur has distinct advantage over other platforms. Artrepreneur artwork and portfolios provide opportunities to give important context to your work, projects and process. This is important to employers and gallery owners, who want to know the meaning behind your work, and how and why you went about creating it.

Email the instructor your portfolio link including any specific questions you want to make sure are covered during your session. Please do this at least 48 hours prior to your session so they can be prepared to conduct your appointment effectively and efficiently.

After this session, you can talk to your instructor about customized sessions for other career building components such as interviewing, marketing, setting goals, getting into galleries and more.

Chapter 1:   Expert User Guide

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