Resume Review

Individual Session

by Shaunda Lambert

You and Shaunda Lambert will start from the ground up and review your resume, do a SWOT analysis, and you will be provided with coaching on what needs to be changed. Together you will go through a series of best practices on how to keep your resume ready to send off, and what are current marketplace expectations. To prepare for our session, email Shaunda Lambert your resume at least 24 hours before the session and bring any questions you may have.

How to Book This Prerequisite One-on-One Session

Click "Enroll Now" to book this session and pay through our secure system. Your expert will be notified that you've paid for this session and will email you to book an agreed upon date and time of your appointment. You'll receive a confirmation email and reminder with a link to your live session.

In order to be most productive with your session, we require that you complete the resume section in your Artrepreneur account to the best of your ability prior to your appointment. Even if you don't know where information should go and how to say it, it doesn't have to be perfect. That's what this session is for, but we need a starting point and reference for all your experience and background that we can draw upon. Designed specifically for creatives, your Artrepreneur resume/CV has many advantages over a traditional resume. Our fields and prompts help guide your resume creation process, making sure key areas are developed. You can easily re-order sections, add links, add keywords, and connect any of your creative highlights to your portfolios. We suggest that you also create a standard portfolio of no more than 15 examples of your best work.

Email the instructor your profile link, including completed resume and portfolio to the best of your ability, including any specific questions you want to make sure are covered during your session. Please do this at least 48 hours prior to your session so they can be prepared to conduct your appointment effectively and efficiently.

After this session, you can talk to your instructor about customized sessions for other career building components such as interviewing, marketing, setting goals, getting into galleries and more.

Chapter 1:   Expert User Guide

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